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Armchairs are an indispensable element in the modern home. They offer a comfortable place to unwind, read a book, watch television, or socialise with friends and family.

Armchairs come in a wide range of shapes, fabrics, and styles, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary.

The chaise longue is an elongated kind of armchair, which offers more seating and resting space. This type of armchair is ideal for relaxing, reading a book or watching a movie. Rocking armchairs are perfect for creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. They are available in different shapes and styles, including traditional wooden ones and modern armchairs made of plastic or metal.

Swivel armchairs are another popular alternative, ideal when used in a living area or in combination with a desk in a bedroom or study. Office armchairs, as the name suggests, are specifically designed for use in a working environment. They provide ergonomic support and a broad range of features, including height and tilt adjustments, lumbar support, and headrest.

Outdoor armchairs are excellent to relax in the open air. They are available in a variety of weatherproof and UV-resistant materials, making them ideal for the garden or the balcony.

Armchairs with footrest offer an additional level of comfort by providing support for the feet. They are ideal for those who spend a lot of time sitting, people working from home, or anyone suffering from back or leg issues.

How to choose the right armchair

Which armchair is the best choice depends on many factors, such as the style of the furniture, planned use and the size of the room.

The armchair should be consistent with the style of the room’s decor. For a modern, minimalist interior design, an armchair with clean, simple lines might be the ideal choice. If you have a more traditional style, an armchair with carved details or rich fabric upholstery might be more in line.

Selecting an armchair that is also in proportion to the size of the room is crucial. An oversized armchair may make the room seem smaller and crowded, while an armchair that is too small may seem out of scale with the rest of the furniture.

When the armchair will mainly be used for relaxing and watching TV, a recliner or chaise longue may be the best choice. Whereas if the armchair will be used as additional seating for guests, a more compact and lighter seating is preferable.

The armchair must be comfortable and offer adequate back support. Considering the shape and depth of the seat, lumbar and arm support are essential, particularly if it is intended for work-related use.