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A bookcase is an important piece of furniture, essential for everyone who loves reading and for those wishing to have a space to display collections but also mementoes or ornaments.

The bookcase can be intended for multiple locations. There are those who prefer it in a living area and others in a bedroom, some who wish to use it in a study or in a business context. According to the function, you can choose the materials, design, and dimensions.

How to choose the bookcase

A bookcase can be wall-mounted or modular to fit easily into any size. Bookshelves with TV stands are particularly versatile as they can be easily integrated into a living room layout.

It is essential to select a proper bookcase to highlight the room where it will be set. Lato Home provides a wide collection of bookshelves: it is possible to opt for modern or vintage, modular, wall-mounted, or floor-standing bookcases.

Lato Home’s collection is extensive and each bookcase available can be tailored and adjusted to meet any need, style, taste, or function. Lovers of classic style can opt for a wooden bookshelf, while another option could be to choose different materials or light tones, more in line with a contemporary environment.

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