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Antonio Lupi is a leading Italian furniture and interior design company. Founded in 1950 by Antonio Lupi and later run by his son, the company has always been known for its focus on quality, functionality, and the beauty of its products.

Antonio Lupi: bathroom as an environment to be shown.

The company’s history begins in Stabbia, in the province of Florence, where an artisan workshop devoted to working crystal and glass for interior decoration was set up. After about 10 years, this became an established business, renowned for the craftsmanship of its products and attention to detail.

From the 1980s onwards, the company was driven towards international success by the second generation, who focused on bathroom design collections, which evolved from a private and intimate place into an interior to be proudly displayed.

The company’s values

Antonio Lupi’s philosophy is based on the idea that the bathroom is not only for personal cleaning, but a room to live in, where design and functionality combine harmoniously. The company has always stood out for its ability to create unique products that blend innovative design and advanced technology.

Over the years, Antonio Lupi has collaborated with some of the world’s greatest designers, including Carlo Colombo, Paola Navone, Daniel Libeskind and Patricia Urquiola, to create iconic and highly acclaimed product collections.

The company has always invested in advanced technology and innovation to ensure the highest quality and functionality of its products. One example is the collection of bathtubs made of biobased Cristalplant®, an ecological, resistant, and durable material, which is one of the most popular among customers.

Today, Antonio Lupi is operating worldwide, with showrooms in Europe, Asia, and America, and remains synonymous with quality, design, and innovation.

The company embodies an example of how Italian style and tradition can work in synergy with technology and innovation to create unique and highly successful products.