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Arketipo is an interior design brand that goes beyond making furniture and focuses its attention on the people who make it possible.

The company is the result of creative and ambitious minds, whose approach is based on an ever-evolving network of ideas, craftsmanship and various skills.

Learning is an integral part of the Arketipo process, as the company constantly adapts and grows, maintaining a fluidity of craftsmanship driven by ritual passion.

Arketipo, interior design

The company’s goal is not just perfection, but the pursuit itself, as Arketipo believes in the art of shaping new creative impulses.

This brand draws inspiration from the past without being bound by it. The focus on history is rooted in the identity of the brand, which makes memory the engine for progress.

Years of dedication and countless hours invested in the work have shaped Arketipo into what it is today. The brand does not see perfection as an end, but as a challenging and ever-evolving path, which translates concretely into furniture and furnishing solutions that reflect a dedication to detail and a strong passion for craftsmanship.