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Boca do Lobo is a contemporary design brand that combines the art of traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation. Founded in 2005, the company has always been dedicated to reinterpreting ancient craft techniques to create unique and surprising pieces.

Each Boca do Lobo creation is the result of centuries of craftsmanship. The company’s talented craftsmen, working in workshops across Portugal, skilfully combine traditional techniques with the latest technological methods to shape the finest materials. The result is the creation of exceptional furniture and furnishings that add a cosmopolitan and timeless touch to interiors.

Boca do Lobo: luxury and design furniture

Boca do Lobo’s collections are inspired and handcrafted with attention to detail, a passion for beauty and the unparalleled dedication of the company’s artisans.

From groundbreaking collections such as SOHO, presented in London, one of the world’s design capitals, Boca do Lobo has established itself as an avant-garde brand, renowned for its irreverent designs, bold mix of materials and innovative techniques that are at the heart of the company’s design mission.

The company’s pieces have been selected by prestigious luxury stores such as Printemps in Paris and Harrods in London to decorate luxury spaces dedicated to prestigious brands such as Fendi and Prada. Boca do Lobo has also collaborated with hospitality giants such as the Fairmont hotel chain in the United States, the New York Palace Hotel, the Hotel Asturias in Madrid, and the Al Jasra Boutique Hotel in Qatar, creating five-star interiors with its collections.