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Bongio is a story of passion, creativity, and quality in design. Founded by Mario Bongio in 1936 in Alzo di Pella, on the shores of Lake Orta, the company has always chosen the path of innovation and quality, making it the creative DNA of the entire brand. The aim is to combine functionality, style, technology, and artisan attention to detail.

Under the leadership of his son Antonio Bongio, the company has continued to evolve, becoming over time a leading Made in Italy brand in the world. Bongio products are iconic and have received numerous prestigious awards.

Bongio faucets

Functional innovation is at the heart of the creation of Bongio products. The brand’s aim is to solve ergonomic, dynamic, energy and eco-sustainable problems, with a focus on materials engineering.

The mission is to create cutting-edge solutions that improve people’s lives and respect the environment. Choosing Bongio means opting for the passion, creativity and quality that accompany the brand in every tapware product made.