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Cielo is a renowned brand in the field of ceramics and bathroom furnishings and represents the perfect union of tradition and innovation. Founded on the basis of the ancient experience of master ceramists, the company has embarked on an ambitious path, enhancing ceramics as a noble raw material and creating extraordinary bathroom furniture collections that combine the past and the present.

Cielo Ceramics

What makes Cielo ceramics unique is its unmistakable design. Each collection embodies innovation, elegance and functionality. The brand is an integral part of IBD – Italian Bathroom Design, a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality Made in Italy ceramics. This strong connection guarantees the constant pursuit of perfection and the highest quality products.

The brand’s mission is to push the known limits of ceramics. Through bold shapes, innovative dimensions, ultra-thin thicknesses and striking surfaces, the company offers contemporary design that perfectly marries tradition with innovation. Each product represents an extraordinary combination of ceramic craftsmanship and timeless design.