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Headquartered in Iserlohn, the Dornbracht company has established itself as an unrivalled leader in the world of high-quality fittings and accessories characterised by refined design.

Founded in 1950, the company has deep roots and a long tradition in the industry but has never been satisfied with the status quo. Today, Dornbracht is a respected and internationally recognised name, with over 960 people working tirelessly to create products that enrich everyday life in the bathroom, spa and kitchen.

Dornbracht: kitchens and bathrooms

Dornbracht’s products range from elegant faucet designs to detailed bathroom and kitchen accessories. The company does not just meet functional needs but aims to transform spaces into true architectural works of art.

Operating in over 125 markets worldwide, with 19 direct subsidiaries, Dornbracht exports its sophisticated aesthetics and commitment to innovation globally.