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KDLN is a company founded with the aim of enhancing public and private spaces by designing interiors with light, shape and character. The company offers a wide range of lighting solutions. Over the years it has become an industry benchmark for specifiers, architects, designers, and end users.

Lighting by KDLN

A hallmark of the brand is the desire to work towards a sustainable development model for the company respecting the environment and society.

KDLN collaborates with established designers and emerging talents, making its collections extremely eclectic. Each lamp follows a specific creative and technological process, using high quality materials such as glass, metal, and ceramics to ensure uniqueness, recognisability, excellent performance and the utmost quality.

KDLN’s lighting products are designed to leave their mark on the environment, always keeping in mind key values such as uniqueness, solidity, and functionality. The aim is to give character to interiors and arouse emotions in the people who experience them.