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In the international furniture scene, few brands have managed to leave such a tangible mark as Knoll. With a winning combination of craftsmanship and technology, this company has set new standards in contemporary furniture, offering solutions that evolve and adapt to the needs of an ever-changing market.

Today, Knoll is a modern, sustainable furniture and design brand that does not forget tradition but never stops looking to the future.

Knoll: designer furniture

Knoll’s journey began in 1938 in New York City, thanks to the vision of Hans Knoll, a German emigrant with a strong passion for furniture and interior design. It was in 1941 that the real turning point came, with the arrival on the team of Florence Shust (now known as Florence Knoll), a talented architect who would become not only Hans’s wife but also a pioneer of modern design.

Under Florence’s leadership, Knoll embraced the essence of the Bauhaus School and the Cranbrook Academy of Art, laying the foundation for production that revolutionized the concept of office and home furnishings.

Innovative solutions for homes and offices

Yet Knoll has not limited itself only to home furnishings. Under Florence’s visionary leadership, the company has developed innovative solutions for workspaces, resulting in the revolutionary idea of the modern office. With products designed to meet the needs of various sectors, from education to healthcare, Knoll has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to functionality and elegance.

Knoll represents a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, offering furniture solutions that are not only functional, but also true works of art. With an eye always on the future, but with a deep respect for tradition, Knoll continues to inspire and set the standard for modern design in the world of furniture.