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A passion for the craftsmanship of the Brianza masters inspired Laura Meroni to set up her company, LAURAMERONI Design Collection, in 1999. The aim was to create bespoke products using the finest materials and the most sophisticated equipment, inviting architects to rediscover and enhance the unique skills of master craftsmen.

Today it is an international player in the world of design, creating products for people who desire furniture with a strong personality and who appreciate the perfect balance between art and design. High quality materials and attention to detail, especially in the finishes, are the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy.

Laura Meroni Design

The handcrafted component is essential, as are the originality of the details and the innovation used to finish the surfaces. The tangible nature of the products is the result of “Surface Design”: the design on the surface of the product and not just in its shape. This is what makes the product different and unique.

For the brand, the true Made in Italy tradition lies in the creation of products in which difference and uniqueness prevail, in the ability to combine tradition and originality, in the balance between craftsmanship and creative imagination.

The company offers the prestigious designers, artists, and architects with whom it collaborates the opportunity to escape the constraints of industrial production and create iconic, highly recognisable collections.