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The world of furniture is characterised by a great variety of styles, materials, and techniques. But there is one element that all environments have in common: light. Whether natural or artificial, light is a crucial factor in creating the right atmosphere and enhancing spaces.

And precisely for this reason, the Manooi brand has become a benchmark for those seeking high-end lighting solutions. Founded in 2005 by János Héder and Judit Zoltai, this company has established itself internationally thanks to its ability to create unique lamps and chandeliers and talented young designers.

The creation of Manooi Lighting

The company’s name, which may seem enigmatic, comes from the word ‘manó’, which means ‘elf’ in Hungarian. Héder chose this name because he wants his lamps to have a magical, enchanted aura, like that of a fairy forest.

From the very beginning, Manooi stands out for its focus on quality materials and precision workmanship. The company’s first collections were characterised by the skilful use of crystal and innovative shapes.

In the following years, Manooi continued to grow and conquer new markets. In 2010, the company opened its first showroom in Milan, followed in 2014 by another showroom in New York.

Manooi participates in the most important trade fairs, such as Euroluce in Milan and Light + Building in Frankfurt, and its products are exhibited in prestigious venues such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and MoMA in New York.

But what is the secret of Manooi’s success? In part, it lies in the company’s ability to create products that are both functional and aesthetically refined. But there is more.

Manooi is a company that firmly believes in the importance of craftsmanship and manual skills. All lamps are made by hand, with care and attention to detail. Each piece is unique, which makes every room even more special.

But there is another aspect that makes Manooi a unique brand: the ability to integrate LED technology in a harmonious and discreet way.

Manooi lamps are in fact equipped with state-of-the-art lighting systems that guarantee perfect colour rendition and optimum energy efficiency. These systems are designed and integrated in such a way that they do not compromise the aesthetics of the product and ensure a pleasant and comfortable lighting experience.

Values and philosophy

Manooi is not just a company that produces lamps. It is a company that believes in beauty, elegance, and the ability of light to transform spaces. For this reason, the company has developed a philosophy that guides all its choices.

Manooi’s philosophy is based on four fundamental principles: craftsmanship, innovation, passion, and hospitality.

Craftsmanship is the value that characterises the production of every Manooi lamp. Each piece is handmade by experienced craftsmen, who work with passion and dedication to create high-quality products.

Innovation is another key element: the company constantly invests in research and development to create ever more efficient and innovative products. But innovation for Manooi is not just about technology, it is also a constant focus on market trends and tastes, to create products in line with customers’ needs.

Passion is another characteristic that sets the company apart. Everyone who interacts with Manooi shares the same passion for light and design. This is reflected in every Manooi product, which conveys a feeling of warmth and hospitality.

Finally, hospitality is also a core value. The company believes that light is an element that should not only illuminate spaces but also welcome and caress those who inhabit them. For this reason, each Manooi lamp is designed to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.