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The Panzeri company represents excellence in the lighting sector, rooted in a 70-year tradition and based on key values such as quality, tradition and innovation.

Founded by the visionary Carlo Panzeri, the company has consistently pursued the idea of spreading the Made in Italy label through its extraordinary lighting products, conquering the most exclusive spaces around the world.

Panzeri lighting

Panzeri lamps are true luminous works of art. Made with meticulous care and extraordinary attention to detail, they are designed to illuminate and enrich indoor and outdoor spaces.

Panzeri offers a wide range of stylish solutions, enabling architects, interior designers and creative people to add a touch of luminous quality to private and public spaces.

The choice of high-quality raw materials is only the beginning of the production process for Panzeri lamps. Traditional craftsmanship and mastery of the most exclusive components give each lamp an unparalleled excellence.

The company is at the forefront of LED technology, contributing to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.