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Rimadesio is a leading Italian company in the modern and contemporary furniture industry. It offers a range of products of high quality and innovative design, with a particular focus on doors and dividing walls.

Established in 1956 in Giussano, in the province of Monza and Brianza, the company began as a provincial artisan enterprise specialised in glass processing and then grew rapidly, becoming one of the leading international players in the luxury furnishing sector.

Rimadesio: doors and other products

Rimadesio interior doors are designed to meet customers’ needs in terms of style and functionality. Thanks to continuous technical and stylistic research, the Rimadesio doors collection can offer unique and customised solutions for every environment.

Rimadesio doors are available in a wide variety of finishes, including aluminium, glass, and wood, which can be combined flexibly and creatively. Moreover, the collection’s modern and versatile design makes these doors suitable for any environment, from classic to contemporary.

Rimadesio doors are characterised by an elegant, minimalist design that fits perfectly in any space, whether domestic or commercial. They are made using premium materials and come in a vast range of finishes and colours. In addition, they can be sliding or hinged and can be personalised with designer handles and locks.

Along with doors, Rimadesio also produces dividing panels and locking systems for open spaces, including offices and shops. These walls are made with the same minimalist design as the doors and can be used to create private areas within open spaces or to separate rooms discreetly.

Brand values

The company stands out for its strong focus on sustainability and innovation. The main materials used are glass and aluminium, which are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Rimadesio’s attention to the environment also includes the production of solar energy through solar panels, the conversion to electric power of the company fleet, the use of water-soluble paints, and the total elimination of polystyrene, replaced with recycled and recyclable cardboard.

Rimadesio constantly invests in research and development to improve its furnishings and to maintain its status as a leader in the sector. Indeed, Rimadesio is one of the main players, even at an international level, in the interior furnishing sector, thanks also to the use of advanced technologies during the operational and production phases.

The company offers a wide range of high-quality products, perfect for architects or interior decorators who wish to furnish and decorate their clients’ homes and any type of environment in an elegant and functional way.

Professionals in the sector can rely on a brand characterised by excellence and value, able to support them in the creation of elegant and functional spaces, thanks to the quality of the products and the versatile solutions offered by Rimadesio, which can be adapted to different requirements of style, space, and functionality.

Rimadesio products can be found in showrooms and furniture shops all over the world, and the company has collaborated with some of the most important international designers to develop exclusive collections.