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Rossana is a unique brand among luxury kitchen manufacturers. For sixty years, it has worked tirelessly to realise the dream of a functional and aesthetically striking kitchen, standing out for the quality and elegance of its design.

The brand’s strength lies not only in facing the challenges of the market but also in always being at the forefront with independent research paths. Rossana’s history is an example of dedication to quality and the continuous search for innovative solutions.

Rossana: luxury kitchens

Rossana kitchens do not follow fleeting trends but are designed to last. Every detail is carefully considered, making these kitchens authentic works of art of haute couture that become prêt-à-porter.

The brand’s history began in 1953, when entrepreneur Fulvio Brembilla founded RB in Bergamo, producing high-end kitchen furniture. In 1968, designer Giancarlo Iliprandi created the ‘Rossana’ model, a kitchen that was such an overwhelming success that the company became the iconic brand name ‘of the kitchens of the heart’.

Thanks to creative talents and careful attention to detail, Rossana continues to offer kitchens that not only meet customers’ needs but also become true works of art for the home. The brand continues to impress thanks to collaborations with talented designers such as Massimo Castagna and Carlo Colombo.