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Talenti represents the expression of made-in-Italy design around the world. With a strong connection to the territory and a family of entrepreneurs behind it, the company perfectly embodies the core values of Italian craftsmanship.

Talenti has become a worldwide known reality. Indeed, the beginning of this story dates back to 1945, with the foundation of Cameli Marmi, a family business dealing in marble processing.

In 1983, the company expanded with the joining of Fabrizio Cameli, who led the company into a stage of internationalisation and the achievement of an export rate of 80%.

Talenti Outdoor

In 2004, Fabrizio Cameli founded Talenti, a company focused on the outdoor sector. Talenti’s first collections were elegant garden tables in classical style, of great value and finish, inlaid with stones and terracotta.

In 2008, Talenti changed direction and transformed the company’s production into a contemporary style. This brave and visionary choice marks the beginning of the company’s success in the modern furniture market. The brand thus began to open to new scenarios and collaborate with internationally renowned designers.

In 2009-2010, Talenti attended for the first time the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the most prestigious international event in the furniture world. On this occasion, Talenti partnered with designer Karim Rashid, who consecrated the company as one of the leading players in the outdoor living market.

In the two-year period 2015-2017, Talenti continues to consolidate its identity and undertakes collaborations with highly successful designers, confirming its inclination towards innovation and research.

In 2018, Talenti continues its expansion and acquires the area of the former Federici pasta factory in Fornole di Amelia. The company began a major redevelopment project of the industrial area to create a new pioneering headquarter with a surface area of around 80,000 square metres.

Today, Talenti is a leading company in the outdoor furniture sector, with a strong international presence and a reputation for high-quality and innovative design.

Brand values

Talenti fully embodies the values of Italian craftsmanship. The company’s entrepreneurial history is characterised by perseverance, determination, flexibility, openness to new ideas and passion. These values have been constant over time and have become the brand’s DNA.

The Cameli family, the company’s founders, has always had a deep attachment to the territory and a long entrepreneurial tradition behind it.

Talenti’s production has evolved over the years, moving from a classic style to a more modern and contemporary one.

This choice has allowed the company to open to new markets, entering Europe and the Mediterranean countries, where its quality, elegant and comfortable furniture products have aroused great interest.

After its first participation at the Milan Salone del Mobile, the brand consolidated its position as a leading player in the outdoor living market. In the following years, Talenti continued to strengthen its identity through collaborations with highly successful artists, confirming its focus on design.

Talenti’s strength lies in the combination of a long-standing entrepreneurial heritage, a strong connection to the territory and a constant focus on market trends and customer needs. The company stands out for its ability to create premium quality, elegant and comfortable furniture products that meet the needs of today’s customers.