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Trussardi Casa is a brand that gathers young designers to bring the cultured and refined values of the renowned fashion brand into the furniture field.

The Trussardi Casa brand proposes a contemporary vision of spaces and environments, driven by collaboration with names in contemporary design such as Carlo Colombo, Elisa Ossino, Matteo Agati, Leonardo Talarico, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Antonio Faccio, Jimmy Delatour and Prem Sahib.

Trussardi Casa: sofas, armchairs, beds and more

Trussardi Casa furniture is distinguished by its sober and sophisticated lines, which give life to beds, armchairs, sofas and other furnishing accessories ready to enrich any room. The elements of the brand’s collection are available in different finishes and variants, which offers endless customisation possibilities to the final user. In this way, each chosen element will be able to fit seamlessly into the home and business environments in which it will be placed.

The Trussardi Casa collection is also marked by warm, bold colours, a clear reference to nature, also underlined by the brand’s desire to always choose sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials.