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Florence Knoll was one of the most influential figures in 20th century design and architecture. Among her many merits, she is also remembered for introducing a modern taste in office interiors, completely revolutionising the perception of work spaces.

Together with her husband, Hans Knoll, she also succeeded in taking their company, Knoll Associates, to the top of the interior design and furniture sector, making it a point of reference for professionals and enthusiasts.

Florence Knoll: the design of open spaces

One of the most innovative aspects introduced by Knoll was the design of open offices. These spaces, designed to meet the needs of office workers, were characterised by modern furniture design, organised rationally to optimise space and productivity. But what made his style unique was the attention to detail and the balance between functionality and aesthetics.

His creations were distinguished by their clean lines and simple geometries. However, Knoll did not limit himself to geometric rigour: he knew how to ‘humanise’ his designs, integrating attractive textures, organic shapes and touches of colour that made environments cosy and pleasant.