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Doors and room dividers are key elements in separating and defining the internal spaces of your home. Doors are not only functional but can also add style and personality to your house. So can room dividers, which can transform and enhance any room.

Several types of doors are available, including those for indoor use, sliding doors, hinged doors, armoured doors, and retractable doors. The choice depends on the individual needs of your home and the style of decor you aim to create.

Along with traditional doors, there are also room dividing systems, which are ideal for separating spaces within a room or for creating flexible layouts. Dividing panels come in several materials such as wood, glass, metal, and fabric, and can be designed to open or close easily.

In addition, room dividers can also be used as furniture elements due to their appearance and versatility.

How to choose doors and room dividing systems

Choosing a door that fits the size of the opening is essential hence accurately measure the height and width of the aperture to select one that fits perfectly. For irregular or particularly wide openings, a bespoke solution is preferable.

Doors and room dividers are available in several materials, including solid wood, glass, or steel. Wooden doors and room dividing systems suit many styles, especially those with a retro tone. Instead, lovers of contemporary design can opt for materials such as glass or metal.

Which one to use depends on the style of furnishing you intend to create and the level of safety you desire. For example, armoured doors are more secure but less visually pleasing compared to other options.

Moreover, room dividers can be sliding or fixed. They can be deployed for sleeping areas or living rooms, but also for corporate environments where it is often necessary to separate space to create an office, for example.