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Lighting is one of the most important features in a home, the first to consider when furnishing spaces and designing interiors.

Lamps are among the easiest ways to give a room personality and style. Various types can be found; suspension lamps, are an excellent choice for lighting the dining room or the kitchen, for example. These can stand alone or even be arranged in groups to create a more impressive and personalised effect.

Ceiling lamps are preferable in areas such as bathrooms or bedrooms, while table lamps are ideal for desks or bedside tables.

Wall lamps are typically used to light spaces such as hallways or living rooms; these latter are also often furnished with floor lamps, easily movable from one spot to another according to the needs of the time.

How to select lighting

How to choose the right lamp depends on the requirements of the room and the furnishing style. Therefore, it is important to assess the function of the room and choose a lamp that can provide adequate light and match the surrounding style.

If you need assistance in choosing the most suitable lighting systems for different contexts, please do not hesitate to contact us.