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Mirrors are must-have furnishing features in every home. Indeed, they not only reflect images but also broaden and illuminate the surrounding spaces. Mirrors are also used as decorative objects, adding a dash of elegance and style to the house.

Floor mirrors are perfect for spacious and bright rooms. Through their size, they reflect natural light and add depth to the surroundings. They can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, or hallway, where a large mirror may be very useful for a last look before heading out.

Table mirrors are ideal for anyone who needs to do their make-up or shave. They are small and compact, while still very functional. They can be placed on a desk or a cabinet and their shape helps to enlarge the face image, facilitating any activity.

Wall mirrors, instead, are suitable in any room of the house. They come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the style of the furniture.

Round mirrors are great for adding a touch of originality to the room, while rectangular mirrors are more classic and sober. Oval mirrors represent an option for those looking for something different from the usual, but at the same time elegant and refined.

How to choose the right mirror

It is necessary to first consider functional requirements. If you are looking for a mirror to use for applying makeup or for shaving, a table mirror or a wall mirror should be chosen and positioned at the right height. Whereas a floor mirror is a good solution if you need a mirror to widen your space.

The style of the furniture must then be taken into account. Mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes and in many colours and materials.

Solid wood mirrors are perfect for a rustic style, while metal ones are better for an industrial and modern style. In all cases, selecting the right mirror depends on both personal preference and the style of the furnishing.