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In the furniture and decoration world, procurement is an essential service for designers, architects, and professionals. It is a necessary process, a strategic asset that can mean the difference between a successful and a failing project.

Lato Home, a leader in the furniture industry, offers a 360° procurement experience, assisting professionals at every stage of the process.

Whether you are looking for solutions for a home or for offices and studios with complex needs, Lato Home is the reference advisor that guarantees supreme comfort, combining aesthetics and functionality.

Lato Home Procurement: a team of professionals on your side

The Lato Home team is the beating heart of the procurement service. We collaborate with a wide range of partners and professionals and offer the best of Italian and international design.

Lato Home stands as the best solution for all interior and exterior design projects, providing a vast catalogue of brands and serving as a fundamental benchmark in both the design and executive phases.

360° support

By choosing Lato Home, you have access to a network of highly qualified professionals. We overcome language barriers and adapt to every need, combining the team’s technical expertise with a strong motivation to meet every need.

Understanding expectations is the first step to meeting the needs of the professionals who come to us. Lato Home develops tailor-made solutions, remaining at its customers’ side at every step of the project. This design and success-oriented approach ensures that each solution is customised and in line with the wishes and needs expressed.

Get consultancy from Lato Home

Our consultants will become your reference partners at every stage of the project and for every purchase. Thanks to collaborations with the most important design companies, we can benefit from a potentially unlimited catalogue of furnishings, satisfying every request.

We can indeed reach you wherever you are. We strive daily to overcome the geographical distances between us and our customers, who choose our solutions to ensure the success of every project.

Lato Home is with you at every stage

Assembly and installation can be an obstacle, but thanks to the training of Lato Home procurement professionals, we ensure the highest standards. We stay by your side at every point, providing impeccable service.

Putting your needs first means staying beside you even after the sale. Our after-sales service guarantees constant attention, accuracy and professionalism for an unparalleled purchasing experience.

Choosing the Lato Home procurement service means opting for a reliable partner, able to guide you every step of the way. With Lato Home, the excellence of Italian and international design is combined with a first-class service, to transform every space into a quality, unique and customised environment.