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The rug is a key element to enrich any space, whether in the living or sleeping area. A rug creates a warm and cosy atmosphere but also hides possible imperfections in rooms such as the bathroom.

The rug can be long or short pile, monochrome or patterned, square, round, or rectangular, modern, classic, or ethnic.

How to choose a rug

Selecting a rug is also important, as it will only give its best if it is coherently matched to the surrounding style. Hence, you should choose it according to the decor, classic or contemporary, especially if it is placed in a living area and in combination with a sofa.

A rug, besides being beautiful and refined, should be functional and not get in the way, particularly in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

In these spaces, a rug is a valuable tool to keep them always clean and tidy, but only if the rug proves to be suitable for this function.

Indeed, the bathroom or kitchen rug needs to be made of quality and innovative materials, so that it is easy to clean and long-lasting.