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Small tables are truly useful pieces of furniture. Whether low or high tables, small or large, they can be placed in many different rooms.

A side table, placed next to the sofa, for example, is practical for placing magazines or books, thus creating a neat and tidy reading area. These small tables can also be used to hold pots of plants, to better organise a potential gardening corner.

How to choose a small table

In choosing a small table, it is important to have in mind the function for which you want to use it. A coffee table, for example, may be small in size.

However, this is not the case, for example, if you intend to use this furnishing item to complete the television corner: here, in fact, a larger table is to be preferred.

There are also small tables for business contexts, perhaps to better organise your professional studio, or to decorate a waiting room with a design element.