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Surfaces are a central element in a furnishing project. It involves choosing floors, walls, and coverings to define the style and atmosphere of a home or workspace, adding personality and character.

Marble and stone are by far among the most elegant and fine materials for floor and wall coverings. Their smooth, bright surface, combined with the material’s strength and solidity, make them ideal for classic and refined environments. Moreover, the range of colours and veining within these materials turns them into a versatile option, suitable for different environments and furnishing styles.

Wood and parquet, instead, are the perfect choice for a classic and cosy ambience. These materials convey a sense of warmth and give a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Besides, wood is a robust and durable material for both floors and wall coverings.

Mosaic is another highly popular material for its decorative characteristics and versatility. Mosaic is an ideal solution to customise and enrich floors and walls with original motifs and decorations. The broad array of colours and formats available make mosaics adaptable to different style and design demands.

Lastly, terracotta and enamels are the answer when looking for a rustic and authentic surface. Their rough surface and their warm, natural tone are perfect for creating a cosy, familiar atmosphere, evocative of rural landscapes. These materials are also resistant and long-lasting and can be used for both floor and wall coverings.

How to choose surfaces

So, how do you select the most suitable surfaces? The style and atmosphere of the room must be considered. According to this, you can opt for more elegant and refined materials such as marble and stone, or for more rustic and natural solutions including terracotta and wood.

It is equally relevant to consider the functionality of the surface: in areas with high traffic, for example, it is advisable to choose stronger and more durable materials.