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Wardrobes are an essential furnishing element inside any home. They are not only a way to store clothes and personal belongings neatly, but also a fine way to decorate the house.

As there is a very wide range of different types of wardrobes, choosing the right one can be challenging. Luckily, wardrobes are often available in several finishes and can be customised, in whole or in part, to match any style and taste.

Wardrobes with sliding doors are an ideal solution for those with limited space. These wardrobes do not require the additional space that hinged doors need to open and close, making them ideal for small rooms.

Modular wardrobes are perfect for anyone who desires the flexibility and autonomy to set up their own configuration. These wardrobes are comprised of individual modules that can be matched together in multiple ways. Such versatility makes modular wardrobes an excellent choice for those who require a bespoke product.

Hinged-door wardrobes are the most traditional option. These wardrobes demand extra space to open the doors and can be customised with accessories such as brackets and shelves.

Walk-in wardrobes are the ideal solution for those who need wide space. These are designed to store a broad range of items including clothes, shoes and accessories and can be personalised with features such as shelves, drawers, and clothes rails.

Wall wardrobes are an excellent choice for those who want to maximise the available space in their home. These wardrobes are mounted directly into the wall, clearing up floor space. Wardrobes with mirrored doors are, instead, the ideal option for those looking to add a design element to the room.