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Sinks and washbasins are essential elements in every bathroom and kitchen, but not just for functional purposes: they can also become a design and style component that enriches the decor of the room.

Various types of sinks and washbasins exist, each with different characteristics and qualities, depending on personal needs and the style of the furniture.

The most common materials for sinks and basins include ceramic, steel, resin, and marble.

Ceramic sinks are some of the most common and affordable and match well with any style of furniture. They are also highly durable and easy to clean.

Steel sinks, on the other hand, are more contemporary and minimalistic and offer a sleek and clean look. They are also very resistant and durable.

Resin sinks, instead, are very light and stain-resistant, making them ideal for environments where cleanliness is crucial.

Lastly, marble sinks provide a luxurious and sophisticated finish but require special care.

Besides materials, several types of sinks and washbasins can be found, each with its own features and qualities.

Built-in sinks are among the most popular, as they easily fit into any environment. They are also very simple to set up and clean.

On the other hand, pedestal washbasins are more elegant and finer: they suit small bathrooms, as they require a little space. Wall-mounted washbasins, meanwhile, are more modern and minimalist: they offer a clean, neat look and are ideal in small rooms.

Finally, freestanding washbasins are perfect for those looking for an original and impressive design feature.

How to choose washbasins and sinks

Therefore, selecting the appropriate sink depends on personal needs and the style of the furniture. To start with, it is essential to consider the size and space available: a sink too large may occupy too much space, while one that is too small may be uncomfortable.

In addition, it is important to be aware of the design and style of the furniture to choose a sink or washbasin that matches its surroundings.

It is also important to pay attention to functionality: for example, for a kitchen, it is essential to choose a sink that is large and deep enough to hold pots and dishes, while for a bathroom, it does matter to select a sink with an efficient and easy-to-clean drain.