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Bathroom mirrors are essential items for personal care and make-up, but they can also serve as decorative and design elements and enrich your bathroom decor.

Wall mirrors are the most common choice for bathrooms. Available in various shapes and sizes, these can be set up on any wall of the room. Wall mirrors also create the illusion of a larger space as they reflect natural or artificial light.

For anyone looking for a bathroom mirror to move and position at will, table mirrors are the right alternative. These mirrors exist in several shapes and sizes and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Bathroom mirrors with integrated light are an excellent solution for those who need a mirror to put on makeup or shave. These mirrors have integrated LED lights that illuminate the face and create a cosier and more functional atmosphere.

How to choose the bathroom mirror

To choose the right mirror for the bathroom, it is important to start with the needs and style of the furniture.

First, you should consider the shape and size of the room, and then choose a mirror that will perfectly fit the wall or bathroom cabinet. In addition, it is essential to assess personal needs and select the right mirror to carry out your personal care routine with ease and precision.